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Welcome to Cornerstone Christian Academy’s website. As the Head of School for CCA, it is a privilege to share with you all that God is doing in and through the lives of our students and families who are associated with our unique school. It is without a doubt, a blessing to belong to this community of learners and parent partners, who strive to prepare and create the next generation of leaders. For those who have chosen Cornerstone Christian Academy as their educational establishment, their students are faced daily with challenges that promote their growth spiritually, academically, emotionally, physically and socially in a Christ-centered environment that is unique to CCA and to our community in Granbury, TX.

Can you imagine a world that is operated from a mindset that is based upon the knowledge and wisdom of God? At CCA, it is our vision to prepare students to become servant leaders in our community, both locally and globally. Youth of today, have monumental challenges in front of them, and to face those challenges without the skill set, the mindset and the fortitude to persevere is sending them into battle unarmed. At Cornerstone, our vision is to prepare students to become the Salt and Light of our world. This task is one that requires great preparation, great dedication from all stakeholders, and great opportunities to promote such a mandate in our students.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 6:33 to "Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you." It is our desire to filter all knowledge of the world, through that of the Word and Will of God. At CCA, students are taught through a biblical worldview, using a Christian based curriculum, but also by allowing students to experience life in a safe environment. We provide a Christian environment and do not apologize for approaching all areas of opportunity through instruction and correction from the Word and by our examples. All of our program opportunities such as Athletics, Agriculture (4-H), Music, Youth and Government, Student Council, National Honor Society, etc. are experiences that our students become involved, but are lead by Christian men and women. We understand the responsibility that Christ gave us to represent Him, and are dedicated to ensuring that our students see God alive and in action, through our leadership in programs at CCA.

Students who are enrolled at CCA will find that we offer a vast array of opportunities for which they can discover and grow their gifts and talents. CCA has a commitment to provide growth opportunities for students as afforded through our numerous programs and rigorous academic requirements. Undoubtedly, CCA can help a student to grow, however, the challenge posed to each student is how they can become a contributing member to Cornerstone. This challenge is based upon our belief that through a student’s participation and dedication to their individual development, they can make our school better and affect the generations to come. This expectation sets the tone for their entry into adulthood as they prepare to face the world. CCA is a miniature model of life, whereby students are expected to perform favorably in order to promote success, but also to give them a foundation for success for which to draw from.

CCA has many great attributes to offer...qualified teachers who are State and ACSI certified, Biblically-based curriculum, interactive, and highly engaging lessons with the use of Smartboards and technology based learning. Critical thinking skills are developed through the use of challenging and rigorous instruction that is differentiated to meet the various learning styles of our students. We offer clubs, fine arts, athletics, student council and so much more. These characteristics validate us as a qualified and accredited school. It is however, the genuine love for Christ, the relationships that are developed and created in His name that makes us unique and a growing, going place! By all means, please take the time to look at our website and all it has to offer. However, if you really want to experience CCA in its uniqueness, come visit us so that you too can know the peace and excitement that comes from being a part of Cornerstone Christian Academy!

Many Blessings,
Marci Martinez
Head of School