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The world is changing rapidly. Our children are growing up in an information-based, technology rich, globalized world. Digital technology and innovations around the world have led to increased academic and economic competition.

To prepare our students to serve Christ in this competitive, global world of the 21st century, we are deeply committed to academic excellence. Our academic program is comprehensive, taught with rigor and emphasized by the Bible for all foundational experiences. Beginning in preschool, the academic program is designed to lay a solid academic and spiritual foundation for our students. CCA students are college ready upon graduation, enabling them to reach the full potential God has desired for them. Classroom experiences are enhanced by language labs, field trips, guest speakers, and science labs.

The elementary classes have one-to-one technology with the use of Chromebooks. The secondary students are all required to bring their own device. Each classroom has a full size HD television where teacher can present information, examples, etc. in lieu of the traditional projector or overhead.