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Cornerstone Christian Academy High School became an extension of the Academy in 2010, graduating its first class of students in 2011. Having started with approximately 15 high school students, the school currently enjoys an enrollment of approximately 75 high school aged students. Students who graduate from the Academy are given a fully comprehensive college preparatory education enabling them to advance to a college of their choice. As students write their resume for successful entry into college, they have the option to include numerous curricular and extra-curricular activities to their list of accomplishments.

  • Coursework in honors classes are a viable option for students in grades 9-10 and dual credit courses become available through our affiliation with Liberty Christian University in grades 11-12.
  • BYOD (bring your own device) that is designed to introduce electronics into the classroom for electronic learning opportunities.
  • Student community awareness and service comes more into focus as students are required to earn a minimum of 10 hours each year for a Recommended diploma or 15 hours for a Distinguished diploma.
  • Academic opportunities advance through a student’s involvement in the National Honor Society that allows them greater community service opportunities, as well as consistent high academic achievement goals.
  • Youth and Government is an organization that furthers the interest of students who have a propensity towards a career in law or political science that culminates in Austin, Texas for the State Meet.
  • 4-H club is involved in local Agriculture events in Hood County and other surrounding counties
  • Fine Arts - art, band and choir 
  • Praise Band 
  • Weekly Chapel services
  • The Quest Yearbook Staff
  • Leadership activities
  • College and Career Prep activities
  • Senior Internships