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All secondary school students (grades 6-12) at CCA are required to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to school every day. The device must be a laptop, chromebook, or tablet with attachable keyboard. Smartphones or cell phones may not be used in lieu of a laptop or chromebook, and may not be used at any time during the school day.

Device Requirements:
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and an internet browser
  • Strong battery capacity
  • Must be a chromebook, laptop, or tablet with attachable keyboard
  • Cell phone/smartphone devices may not be used on campus during the school day.
Device Recommendations:
  • The device should be a laptop or chromebook.
  • While an iPad or another tablet could work, our experience has shown that they are not as capable for everyday productivity. 
Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does CCA require all secondary students to bring a device?

As a college preparatory school, CCA believes that our classrooms should prepare our students for higher education. Therefore, we require that students bring a laptop to class to be guided in becoming productive with a device in a learning environment. Additionally, the use of a device in the hands of every student allows teachers to use 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, media consumption, research skills, digital organization, and digital citizenship. 

Do I need to buy the latest MacBook Pro?

No. While many families purchase Apple products out of a preference for the brand, we in no way make that a requirement. In fact, as a Google Apps for Education school, Google Chromebooks work very well for our needs and can be purchased for a fraction of the price. 

Do I need to purchase additional software?

No. CCA provides a Google Apps for Education account for every student that includes email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and unlimited cloud storage. All software we require as a school is completely web-based.

Can I use an iPad?

Yes, but it is not recommended. We have found them to be inadequate in day to day productivity needs. 

How will this be used in my child's class?

The BYOD initiative takes place in classes with varied levels of integration. One class may only use the devices for notes and peer collaboration, while others may base their entire curriculum online via Google Classroom. We work with our faculty to decide what level of integration is appropriate for each circumstance. 

What if my child's device breaks or he/she leaves it at home?

We have a limited number of devices on hand that can be loaned out for short durations.