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The Purpose of the Cornerstone Christian Academy Athletic program is to provide an inclusive, age appropriate team experience for our students, to teach them the benefits of competition and understand its redemptive value. The Cornerstone Christian athlete is taught to win and make no apology for it. While this is the Athlete's intent, the Christian athlete must have a higher purpose in competing: glorifying Christ by having discipline, character, sportsmanship and the ability to work well with others. The athletic objectives of Cornerstone Christian Academy are as follows:
  • To have Christ centered coaches that lead and inspire athletes to follow their example as they themselves follow Christ.
  • Be a good representative of Christ wherever we compete. To use our athletic program to spread the Gospel.
  • To help each athlete to develop a deeper level of self-control, positive attitude, loyalty, leadership, mental toughness, teamwork, work ethic and a genuine love for other people.
  • To teach students to persevere when we lose an event and to be positive during those times while striving to win in the future.
  • To serve our community and provide entertainment that brings loyal support for our school.
Sports Offered at CCA:
  • Fall Sports
    • Boys Football
    • Girls Volleyball
  • Winter Sports
    • Boys Basketball
    • Girls Basketball
    • Boys Swimming
    • Girls Swimming
  • Spring Sports
    • Boys Baseball
    • Boys Track & Field
    • Girls Track & Field
    • Boys Golf
    • Girls Golf

*From year to year, sport offerings may change based upon interest.

Athletic Department

Neil Struikmans
Athletic Director

Patricia Becker
Head Girls Track & Field

Kent Caruthers
Head Football Coach
Head Boys Basketball Coach
Head Boys Track & Field Coach

Jeremy Fluitt
Head Baseball Coach

Richard Lauer
Head Girls Volleyball Coach
Head Girls Basketball Coach