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The Cornerstone campus is an exciting place to be during school hours. At the heart of our building is the gymnasium which is a continual hub of activity. Starting at 6:30 am everyday various sports teams use the gym for practice. Not too much later the younger students in the Pre-School are closely monitered by their teachers and enjoy playtime everyday midmorning.  Elementary PE classes are run by Coach Blair and fill the large space with the rings of student laughter and cheers.  In the afternoon high secondary students spend an active 45 minutes in various strenuous work outs or games. Of course, we must include all the rousing games of "knock-out" played at the tail end of the lunch period that generally includes at least half of the students with a few teachers that want in on the fun. Our pep-rallies are also held in the gym during football season; the entire school gathers at the end of the day and enjoys games, dances, and cheers run by the Varsity Cheer Squad. 


One of the many benefits of having an entire school with all grades at one campus is the unique ability for different age groups to interact with each other. The younger students often look at the older students in awe and admiration especially if the student is one of our "Crusader Super Star Athletes". The feeling goes both ways too.   

 "All the little kids know me so they run up and give me hugs in the hallway. That just makes me happy!" senior Tatianna Hurst.

The administration helps this special connection grow by creating a program called "Chapel Buddies". At the first Chapel service of the month the whole school from Kinder to the Senior Class attend together. Older students are matched with one or two younger ones and they are allowed to sit together, pray together and then escort them back to their classroom after the service. Needless to say it's generally the highlight of the week for many of the students. There is a strong sense of family among the student body and not just because there are so many sibling groups. "I like the closeness of the class-to-class relationships because it creates more of a family atmosphere." said another senior, Caylen Smith. Since the chapel worship services are led by the older students it is a great example of spiritual leadership being modeled for the younger students.